Reviving this Blog – History of Legion of Eberron

Legion of Eberron is a guild on the Cannith world within the MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The guild was launched by me in May 2010.  At the time I was still an noob on the MMO scene and particularly in DDO.  I had just been booted from the guild that I was in for no stated reason at all.  Out of spite and anger, I started my own guild.

I had no clue how to be a guild leader…heck, I was still a new player in the DDO world.  I barely knew how to play the game, much less how to run a successful guild.  I set out growing the roster of players in the guild, but little did I know that my methods were very unpopular.   I sent blind guild invites to new players as they landed on Korthos Island (The tutorial/entry level of DDO).  I quickly grew he size of the guild to over 400 players.  Unfortunately, most of those players did not stick with the game very long.

After a few months of playing and learning the game I began to figure out what it took to run a successful guild.  I put an end to the blind invites and started eliminating players from the guild with more than 3 months inactivity.  I also recruited what would be come one of the cornerstones of the guild.  I recruited a player named ShadIII (AKA Shad, AKA Chris).

Shad took an active interest in the guild and wanted to invite some additional people into the guild.  I made him an officer and eventually gave him the role of successor to the leadership if I leave the guild.  Not long after Shad joined up, we recruited a player named Bonobo (AKA Barry).  Barry quickly rose to the rank of officer.

In June of 2010…DDO added guild ships and the guild ranking system.  Legion of Eberron began growing in rank over the years and has attained guild level 107 as to today’s date.  We own the Largest Guild Ship available in the game and have a roster of about 20 active players.  Barry and Shad are still (along with me) the senior members of the guild and we are still thriving.

In July of 2013…Legion of Eberron sponsored in guild wide survivor games.  It was a tournament for guild players that was referred to in the first post in the blog.  The winner was Barry…he survived the gauntlet.

Check back here from time to time to here more about the adventures of Legion of Eberron.


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